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Welcome to the Chandanalepa Official Website.

Traditional & Secretive Ayurvedic Formula blended with Time Tested Ayurvedic Herbs.

Home to a variety of indigenous plants with unique medicinal properties,Sri Lanka's native beauty culture dates back thousand of years.
These timeless formulas are passed down to each generation through family practices.

With such a history and reputation the Sanjeewaka Family is synonymous with creating beauty care treatments that are effective,safe and have withstood the trials of time. Our high quality product range with definitive results are now available across the world.


Chairman's Message

We at Chandanalepa, strive for the best for our consumers. We believe in ethics, trust and good will. Our utmost inspiration, is to make sure that we provide the finest products, and serve our clientele to our greatest aptitude. Our sole interest is in making sure that every cent we earn is in agreement with our conscious. Over the past twenty three years, we have been able to touch the lives of millions. Our supreme inspiration, is the whole-hearted feedback we get from our valuable customers. It gives us immeasurable pleasure, being able to beautify millions of lives around the world. Our sole triumphant is the ecstasy we’ve been able to provide. The DNA inculcated by the forefathers of Chandanalepa has empowered the brand to be a comrade of every feminine. The brand has been able to embrace the respect and acceptance of many, all around the world.

Mr. Ranjith Preamathilake (The Chairman)

Our Successful Story Continues ...

The Miracle Cream that once started off the journey in a little anonymous tub, from the Veyangoda town, has dauntlessly set sail across the oceans of Mother Lanka, and set foot in many foreign lands.

... Where We Are Now

Today Chandanalepa is a distinguished Beauty Brand in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Seychelles, Jordan, U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Why chandanalepa herbal cream.

Where We Will ...

Proving the efficacy of our age old traditional Herbs and Oils, our dream is to widen the horizons of this time tested Enchanting Brand to over 100 countries around the world by 2020.

Our Dreams and Aspirations

Our Vision

To passionately devote our vitality & proficiency, in creating an outstanding global brand of cosmetics, that fulfills the dreams and aspirations of many who wish to obtain a flawless & radiant skin, by offering a truly Ayurvedic range of products made using only the first-rate beauty Herbs & Oils of Mother Nature.

Our Dreams and Aspirations at Chandanalepa.

Our Mission

To wholeheartedly commit ourselves with sheer commitment to bring out an array of truly ayurvedic – human friendly cosmetics products made to highest global quality standards. Furthermore to be recognized as a fruitful soil for all stakeholders by offering exceeded returns respecting the faith they have invested on us.

Our Achievement

Some latest awards we won, There are lot more ...