Bro Shaving Foam

Bro Shaving Foam


Bro Shaving Foam is manufactured using Sandalwood and Wild Turmeric (Kasthuri) which provides therapeutic Ayurvedic remedies blended with the fresh coolness of peppermint oil. It gives a soft and safe shave prompting a pleasant glow on the face. Its medicinal goodness will protect skin from germs, controls dryness and roughness and keeps skin moist for 24 hours.

Pack Sizes

Bro Shaving Foam - LKR 370.00

LKR 370.00


1.  Shake well before use.

2.  Wet face with water.

3.  Hold upright and press nozzle to get shaving foam on palm.

4.  Apply well on face and shave.

Warning:  Do not expose to direct sunlight.  Keep in a cool place (under 40 Celsius).  Prevent container from any damage and direct contact with fire.  Keep away from children.

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